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Windshield Clean Brush

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Windshield Clean Brush is the new light, durable, multi-purpose, universal handy tool to take charge of shining your car windshields and windows.

With 3 different choices of colors to choose from, pick your last cleaning tool to finish washing your car with the shine on your windows.


Easy To Use

Explore a damage-free washing instantly with a durable cashmere surface that prevents hard touches/damages to the windshields/windows of the car. Windshield Clean Brush is safe to use on LCD screens inside the interior.


Wash, polish, or dust surfaces, Windshield Clean Brush is the perfect tool around the house and the garage.

Wash it after each usage, let it dry, and store it till the next time you need to wash something to make it look shiny. Also, the cloth is reusable after being washed clean after each usage.

ECO Friendly

Immerse yourself with the water-saving program with Windshield Clean Brush.  Just spray a small amount of water or any cleaning products on any surface and save yourself from wasting water.

Skin Protection

Be sure when using Windshield Clean Brush, there will not be any skin irritation as there is no touch to the microfibre cashmere.

Household Usage:

Immersing the look on your windows glasses, oven glass, marble around the house.

With its adjustable head, it's the best tool to use at home for cleaning the TV screen, glass framed pictures, windows, aquariums tanks, or any glass and marble in the household.

What's Included:

1 x Windshield Clean Brush


Weight: 95G

Material: ABS