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Car Shock-absorbing Cushioning Gasket

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Good quality automobile shock absorber gasket, general shock absorber, sound insulation, door anti-collision strip patch is suitable for most models.

◆| Beauty & Protection
◆| Paste Firmly & Durable
◆| Silent Shock Absorption
◆| Made Of High-quality Materials
◆| Easy & Non-destructive Installation
◆| Multi-position Installation In The Whole Car


I bought two sets and posted them wherever they can be used in the car. They are soft and flexible enough to provide a good soft cushion for the body and doors. These cushions are not made of hard plastic, it is a soft silicone material that helps to eliminate the sound of closing the door. They easy to use and paste, look very beautiful on my car, and they are very slim without damaging the paint.

- Agatha


【Excellent Materials】

Made of high-quality silicone which is environmentally friendly and durable. Use the car cushioning gasket to avoid crashes, extend the life of the door, protect the car from damage, and keep it clean and smooth.


The car cushioning protectors can absorb the huge vibration and noise brought by closing the door, thus protecting the car from damage. Because of its small size, it's very suitable for the front door, back door, trunk gate,  and hood door.


【Easy To Install】

Comes with superglue, which has very strong adhesion and can be easily applied to any place you want to stick. And it's very convenient to use, without any installation tools, peel off the protective paper that protects the premium self-adhesive and clean the surface before applying it.

【Flexible And Durable】

Environmentally-friendly soft silicone material with good elasticity. Strong adhesive that allows our car cushioning protectors to last for a long time. A durable car cushioning protectors that will not easily fall off the surface.



1. Please keep the wall clean and dry before using.
2. Tear the protective paper ;
3. Find the door lock corresponding to the wall position, Stick it on where the door handle hit
4. After the glue sticks, press it several times and then can use it.


Material: Silicone
Color: Black
Diameter: 2.8 cm / 2.3 inch
Thickness: 1cm (The thickness after buffering: 4 mm)
Package Included: Car Door Cushion x 8 PCS


Due to manual measurement, the actual size of the product may be slightly different from the size marked on the picture.
We provide clear pictures, refer to our product pictures and sizes to make sure this is the product you need.